any governments, such as South Korea, Japan and Bahra

 have sought long-term defense agreements with the US, viewing an additional military presence as a necessary means of protection.

In 1964, America approached Britain about leasing a tiny dot in the India Ocean.

  At the outset, the US didn’t particularly know what they would do with it,” says Vine. “It was a hedge for the future.”

  In 1966, Britain and America signed an agreement without congressi

onal or parliamentary oversight, which gave the US the right to build a military base on Diego

Garcia, until its need for military facilities had disappeared — wording that was perhaps deliberately vague.

  Mauritius was given £3 million ($3.9 million) for agreeing to the deal, and it was settled t

hat America waive $14 million relating to an order of Polaris submarine missiles heading for England.

  There was just one problem. The 3,000 Chagosians who lived on the islands.